Monday, October 19, 2015

Let's Face It Salon. My Underarm Hair Wax Removal Experience.

It has been more than a month ago when I decided to try the hair wax removal service at Let's Face It Salon Market! Market! mall. I came from a food bloggers event before this. LOL.

I've read an article online before that it is better to have a sugar hair wax removal compared to chemical based. The main point of this entry is the experience naman. Let's not be scientific or be into much details about the components of hair wax removal.
Let's Face It Salon Hair wax removal kit and tools.
The area looks clean in fairness. It is a very small room.
While waiting... selfie. :p

For the experience:

The technician seemed like in a hurry. For what I know the hair should be waxed little by little. Not just removed it all at once. The technician spread the wax all over my underarm. Mind you the session was really quick. If you need to have your hair wax removal done before an important event. Let's say for example an hour before then Let's Face It Salon is the place to be. After all the hair were removed the technician did some threading. I was surprised. Compared to where I used to have my underarm hair wax removal done they pluck the remaining hairs.
Let's Face It Salon Underarm Hair removal is P 200. Make sure to tell the receptionist that you want sugar hair wax removal because there is another category.

Note: I'm not compensated for this feature or review. 

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