Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November 2014. A Year Ago.

How time flies! It has been a year ago since my sister tied the knot with her eight-years boyfriend then and now husband. I didn't even know that it was that long na pala. I only learned about it during the wedding LOLLLOL!!!
Univers Perfume by Bench. Know more about it here. Zenutrients Lip Balm. Customized Handbag for the wedding entourage. 
Cake and Flower Bouquet. Obviously, they were not real flowers. 
I really like my makeup during that day. I hope to do the repeat version of that makeup soon. Happy anniversary Ate Chel and Kuya Vlad. <3

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wacoal Shopping Experience

As part of the perks of being an attendee of the Wacoal sports bra launched, we were given gift certificates for us to spend shopping the items that we like from their brand. Some of my co-attendees got worth of 5K gcs while others got worth of 2500 gcs. Okay, that's no longer an issue. We moved on. I was one of those who got  worth of 2500 gift certificate.
It was not my first time in their head office. A few years back, I tried to apply in their office. Unfortunately, I didn't get the position. Above photo shows the lounge area for guest visitors. Can you spot Sarah Meier? 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wacoal Sports Bra Media Launch at The City Club Alphaland.

Super duper late post. It is not easy to update three blogs. I have posted the press release here anyway. First time to be at The City Club although I always passed by the Alphaland building when I was on a training for career back in June. They served us Japanese cuisine for lunch. 

This event was held last September 29. The host was Cassie Umali.

The program started while I just finished my food and had my measurement taken for my bra fit. 

Presenting the sports bra by Wacoal, Wacoal Philippines Marketing Manager, Ms. Elmira Cadungog. 

We were directed outside of the restaurant to watch a presentation dance by Kris-Belle Mamangun of Ballet Manila. Sorry no picture. After that,  we headed to the higher floor level of the building for different activities

I tried the bamboo or Chinese wand for the first together with these ladies. Truly, it is a good exercise to slow down and for body posture.  

The next activity that I tried was the digital or virtual golf. Watch my first Virtual Golf experience here and also here.

Thank you Wacoal Philippines for this fun-filled afternoon treat. 

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Special thanks to Miss Monica. 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

If only...

I went to an event this morning in Bonifacio High Street. Football is the main activity of the said event. It was my second time to attend a football related event. I saw two young girls with their football player boyfriends. I don't want to sound mean ... but for me if you'll only look at the face value of these two girls... fellow Filipinos will say they not pretty. One of the girls has a lot of social media followers because of her talent...maybe? She's good with her thing. But she has a lot of bashers too. You can see some nasty comments on her page like "Tapon na ulo. Hipon... blah blah blah". 

Change topic. The main heart of this entry is how much regret I feel following my former church customs or culture. I got a lot of warnings from my mother to pull myself out of that institution. So many things I should've explored by the age of 19 going 20. If I focus on working and not finishing my college course, I should've a lot of material investment by now. I was so stubborn. There are churches that fit every personality. Looking back at the old photos... I regret not investing with fashionable clothes. I should have started dating. I should have been to different places out of .Luzon Island. So many to mentions.