Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wacoal Shopping Experience

As part of the perks of being an attendee of the Wacoal sports bra launched, we were given gift certificates for us to spend shopping the items that we like from their brand. Some of my co-attendees got worth of 5K gcs while others got worth of 2500 gcs. Okay, that's no longer an issue. We moved on. I was one of those who got  worth of 2500 gift certificate.
It was not my first time in their head office. A few years back, I tried to apply in their office. Unfortunately, I didn't get the position. Above photo shows the lounge area for guest visitors. Can you spot Sarah Meier? 

The Wacoal display area. The Sports collection is very recognizable.

Sorry, forgot to ask what MIPS stands for.
I got a bandeau and three new panties from their MIPS collections. The sales attendant was very attentive and nice. Surely maasikaso. Thank you so much Wacoal for these.

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