Saturday, December 26, 2015

JTomas Solutions No Hair Wax Kit Remover

This entry has been in my draft for so long. I rarely update this beauty blog because I am focusing on my lifestyle blog. I bought this product last year. I discovered this brand through Cosmopolitan Philippines Magazine Beauty issue for 2013. I hope my memory is right. 

I forgot how much it is. As far as I remember, it is around 300 or above. 

My first ever purchased D-I-Y hair wax removal. As of now, I need to go  to a hair waxing salon for my underarm hair removal. I might buy another JTomas No hair wax kit for my summer need. You save some time and money if you have your own hair wax removal product because:

1. Don't need to wait for your turn in the salon.
2. You can do hair wax removal with every parts of the body that needs waxing. If you go to a salon, there is different charges in every services ---depending on what part of the body.
3. You can share it with a friend or any of your siblings. Just make sure that person will clean the spatula and sensitive with your feeling after using your shared item. Again, make sure he/she will take care of the product and bring it back clean after use.  

Sunday, December 13, 2015

New Way of Whitening with Thiocell

When I was asked by a friend to be a substitute or proxy for this event. I kind of said yes half-heart. One, because I think I was not yet ready to try glutathione. Secondly, I was thinking of my job hunt. Honestly, I got interested to go because of the place where the launched was held. 

Me posing for an OOTD instagram post beside the Thiocell display :)
Let me introduce to you this bottle called Thiocell. But first cover story of the event.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Quote: Work

Work is a way of morphing storms into sunlight. Work is a way of cleaning up a mess, of solving a problem.

There's a fulfilling purity in that we're able to make something more beautiful and coherent at day's end. But great work --- much like love --- will never emanate from fear or hollowness of heart, just as no dreams or grand plans for the future can be made by those who have no capacity for living in the now. 

Align yourself with owners of profound hearts and who live in the moment and every aspect of your work will beam effortlessly like glorious rays from the sun.

By Franco Mabanta.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Healthy Skin Magazine Beauty Bloggers Gathering at Stacy's BGC. Beauty In Full Bloom.

Beauty In Full Bloom Beauty 101 Blogger Party at Stacy's restaurant, Rizal Drive BGC that happened last November 21, 2015. I actually signed up to be part of the event via U-Blog Facebook group. I came an hour and thirty minutes late. Good thing they haven't started. 

 When it comes to attending events or gathering you have to make sure that you know some who will go too. It is hard to be alone especially If you don't have the personality of introducing yourself first to the person beside you.