Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Healthy Skin Magazine Beauty Bloggers Gathering at Stacy's BGC. Beauty In Full Bloom.

Beauty In Full Bloom Beauty 101 Blogger Party at Stacy's restaurant, Rizal Drive BGC that happened last November 21, 2015. I actually signed up to be part of the event via U-Blog Facebook group. I came an hour and thirty minutes late. Good thing they haven't started. 

 When it comes to attending events or gathering you have to make sure that you know some who will go too. It is hard to be alone especially If you don't have the personality of introducing yourself first to the person beside you. 

 Pretty cupcakes. So lovely to look at :)
I like the wall photos. They look like american icons long before I was born. ha ha!
 Miss Kim Ferrer hosted the afternoon gathering.
 Miss Jenny Bonto, Managing Editor of Healthy Skin magazine welcomed us. She explained the sections of the magazine. I'll post another entry about the magazine.
Dr. Claudia Samonte, board-certified dermatologist of Philippine Dermatological Society. 

 Dr. Claudia emphasized that every procedure she does is only to enhance and not change the entire physical appearance of her patients. 
I remember when botox was mentioned in her talk. Then, I remember my last year procedure. Botox is no longer toxin. It relaxes active muscles. 
 Miss Grace Garcia-Cruzat of Skin Perfection Philippines. 
Oxygen Facial demo. So lucky Angel got to experienced this. I was surprised to learned that Skin Perfection has been in the market for so long. 
 Look at that mask on Angel. I guess every facial procedures has that. 
 What do you feel after the facial question? Angel answered, "I feel good!".
 There was an instagram contest. Too bad I left my phone that afternoon. huhu :(
 Skin Perfection Philippines Products.
Much better view of Denise. LOL. Me, Denise, Ate Sol, Tin and Joy. 


MANILA, November 20,2015 - Healthy Skin Magazine, the FIRST beauty magazine in the Philippines that highlights the non-invasive in-clinic and over-the-counter beauty products and trends, aside from those, It also divulge on the newest trends on wellness, health and slimming treatments. 

According to Kantar World Panel, a company that studies the buying behaviour of the local consumers, they have concluded, 72% of Filipino women spend a lot on beauty products. 

With ‘beauty’ being a huge industry in the country, it is no surprise that Filipino women have caught as one of the most beautiful people in the world. As Filipino women gets more conscious on how they look, they always look for an avenue where they can find the most credible information on the latest beauty, wellness and health and slimming trends available—something that Healthy Skin Magazine has answered with conviction. 

We cater to an audience, largely concentrated by women, between the ages of 18-54 where women are about how to look good and to maintain looking good. They are vain and confident who mostly spends time on beauty sections of a department stores, salons and clinics, spas and gyms and live the healthy and balanced life. We believe that a targeted demographic—industry leaders and influencers on emerging trends and products—is something that we share and through your support, we can give the Filipino women the beauty and information that they deserved. 

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