Saturday, December 26, 2015

JTomas Solutions No Hair Wax Kit Remover

This entry has been in my draft for so long. I rarely update this beauty blog because I am focusing on my lifestyle blog. I bought this product last year. I discovered this brand through Cosmopolitan Philippines Magazine Beauty issue for 2013. I hope my memory is right. 

I forgot how much it is. As far as I remember, it is around 300 or above. 

My first ever purchased D-I-Y hair wax removal. As of now, I need to go  to a hair waxing salon for my underarm hair removal. I might buy another JTomas No hair wax kit for my summer need. You save some time and money if you have your own hair wax removal product because:

1. Don't need to wait for your turn in the salon.
2. You can do hair wax removal with every parts of the body that needs waxing. If you go to a salon, there is different charges in every services ---depending on what part of the body.
3. You can share it with a friend or any of your siblings. Just make sure that person will clean the spatula and sensitive with your feeling after using your shared item. Again, make sure he/she will take care of the product and bring it back clean after use.  

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