Thursday, May 26, 2016

Chemworld Fragrance Grand Launch. Chemworld Fragrance Factory in SM North Main Mall.

A back-to-back grand launched with Blushing Beauty by SkinStation, it was definitely worth my time. 

Fragrance. Ahhh... The sense of smell. Fragrance common meaning is good smell or pleasant smell. I think having a good scent is another way to boost a good mood, feel positive or add self-esteem and also catches a stranger attention. :D Agree or not? Ha Ha!

I don't have any idea about Chemworld prior the invitation. So let's get to know Chemworld Fragrance Factory more.

Blushing Beauty Grand Launch. Blushing Beauty by SkinStation SM North The Block

My first event for the month of May 2016. This grand launched happened last May 13, 2016. Yup! It was a Friday-the-13th kind of event. I live in the South. Going to this kind of event is definitely one of my interests. So, I was very willing to traveled up North for this.