Thursday, May 26, 2016

Chemworld Fragrance Grand Launch. Chemworld Fragrance Factory in SM North Main Mall.

A back-to-back grand launched with Blushing Beauty by SkinStation, it was definitely worth my time. 

Fragrance. Ahhh... The sense of smell. Fragrance common meaning is good smell or pleasant smell. I think having a good scent is another way to boost a good mood, feel positive or add self-esteem and also catches a stranger attention. :D Agree or not? Ha Ha!

I don't have any idea about Chemworld prior the invitation. So let's get to know Chemworld Fragrance Factory more.

At first, I didn't get right away from the start that you can actually mix and match scent or customize here. I'm such an ignorant. Geeee...from the name itself. I know some of you might have an idea right away. Customize is a thing or trend nowadays. Personalize a product is so patok for the millennials.

I think this is their 16th branch (according to their press kit lol). Started in 2004, Chemworld Fragrance Factory is a division of Chemworld Marketing Corp.

Size-able quantities of bottles that were repacked into 30 ml, 120 ml, 250 ml and larger.

You put up a business perfume with Chemworld Fragrance Factory. Just ask for the training or seminar schedule after availing a business kit.

They have Kojic soaps, hand sanitizers and many others.

Let me share some snaps from the ribbon cutting and blessings.

You Can Start Your Own Perfume Business

Starter Kit A:
Blend your own perfume, or what they call the Do-it-yourself Starter Kit. 
Belnding your own perfume gives a better return on investment. 
Can produce of 80 bottles of 10 ml perfume and vials of 2 ml perfume. 

Starter Kit B: 
Premix starter Kit. If you want to start a pre-mixed Eau de parfum solutions which are ready to bottle and sell. 
Ready to bottle and sell.
Can produce up to 138 pen bottles of 9 ml perfume and 15 vials of perfume. 

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